Cognac to you, the gift of the year on Internet. A superb carafe of Cognac XO engraved with the text of your choice and presented in a gift box. Just has to be seen!
"Cognac to You"








Offers a unique cognac

Engrave your carafe yourself

via Internet


(sales are temporarely limited to Europe)

A Unique Gift
Cognactoyou offers you the opportunity to give someone (or to give yourself...) an original and unique gift. A carafe of Cognac XO, one of the best cognacs, engraved with your name or the name of the person to whom you will offer the gift.

A High Quality Case
A cognac of great distinction is presented in a packaging that is of an equally high quality: a magnificent handmade solid wooden case.

Order in Complete Security
Better still by Internet, in 48 hours you can have the picture of your engraved carafe to give you an exact idea of how your gift will look. There are no worries about security with an Internet payment. You pay only upon delivery!

An Exceptional Price
Cognactoyou offers you a Grand Cognac XO Gourmel at the exceptional price of 149 €. Cognac, wooden case, engraving and postage included!

Easy to Order!
Nothing is easier than ordering a model of our carafe, just click here and you will be able to engrave on your screen the text that you want on the bottle. In under 48 hours, you will receive by Internet a test print showing the exact picture of your carafe. The only thing left to do is to confirm your order by E-mail. You don't pay until you receive your parcel.

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